Making Affordable Medicines a Way of Life !

दवाDost, Bharat’s #1 Affordable Pharmacy

We are aspiring to make available affordable medicine through the length and breadth of India with a vision to help every medicine consumer save 50- 80% on their medicine bills by providing them high quality branded generic medicines.

In the preceding 12 months, we have helped 500,000+ Jaipurians save more than Rs.20,000,000 on their medicine bills, and in the process adding to their liquidity.

The Vision Behind दवाDost

We want to solve three challenges:

  • a)Availability,
  • b)Affordability,
  • c)Awareness,

of high quality medicines. The founders are perplexed about the paradox of choice when it came to availability of good-quality, transparently priced generic medicines in India. Not only were their prices opaque but there was also no awareness that these drugs are as effective as branded ones but come at a lesser cost. They firmly believed in ‘दवा Wahi, दाम Sahi ’ and are building Dawaa Dost with the same ethos.

The Cost Of Medicine

Amit was taken aback by the cost of medicines in India & that 2 out of 3 citizens could not afford or access to essential medicines. Therefore, to bridge this gap and to provide branded and affordable medicines of renowned brands to the masses, he introduced Dawaa Dost stores, which are meant to provide accessible, affordable and credible generic medicines to every citizen in all parts of India.

90%+ Generic Medicines Sold

90% of medicines sold in India is generic, i.e. non patented. Most of us don’t know this as a fact.

Statistics indicate that about 69% of the people in India are impoverished due to expenditure on medicines alone & only 7% of people actually take medicines prescribed by the doctor primarily because of high cost of medication. Dawaa Dost aims to help people understand that by moving to generic medication, it is possible to save INR 50,000 every year per family.

All the generic medicines sold by Dawaa Dost have the same ingredients as those prescribed for the patients and their manufacturing process is regulated by the Indian government. They do not have any side effects and many of them are manufactured by companies that also make branded medicines.

Founder & CEO of Dawaa Dost

Amit Choudhary is the Founder & CEO of Dawaa Dost, building India’s fastest growing Affordable Pharmacy chain helping people save between 50-80% of their medicine bills. He was so inspired by the CSR work done by his elder brother, that he left his job to set up a socially responsible company, Dawaa Dost, to take the idea national. The CSR project run by the Amit’s elder brothers in Ranchi, Dawai Dost, which enabled saving of up to INR 100 crores on medicines in last five years was the inspiration behind the inception of Dawaa Dost. It currently serves >100,000 Indians in Ranchi and helps save > Rs.3 crs a months.

Executive Team

Amit Choudhary

Founder & CEO

Two decades of working on consumer businesses on both investments & operations in global MNCs like Procter & Gamble, JP Morgan, MOPE in India & Singapore.

Yash Harlalka

Founder & COO

A decade of experience on executing complex projects in India bringing in project management skill sets for on-ground execution.

Anirudh Batwara

Founder & CTO

Anirudh is a Tech Architect and a SaaS enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in building and shaping products from scratch. He comes across as serial entrepreneur who has led small and medium sized teams to achieve success and growth.


Real impact on lives of people by providing quality medicines at affordable prices.


Make Healthcare affordable by reducing medicine bills by


Crores in 5 year