Introduction to Bioscab Soap 75gm

It is used for the treatment of scabies and lice Infestations It kills the parasite that causes scabies and lice

How Bioscab Soap 75gm Works?

Lindane is an insecticide and scabicide that poisons the mites and kills them effectively.

How To Use Bioscab Soap 75gm

  • Apply it to the entire body from the neck down
  • Leave it for the recommended time, usually 45 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with water

Special Precautions About Bioscab Soap 75gm

  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes, nose, and mouth
  • Do not use on broken or inflamed skin
  • Inform your health professional if you have a history of seizures
  • Do not use more than the prescribed amount

Benefits Of Bioscab Soap 75gm

  • Convenient to use in regular hygiene routine
  • Relieve Itching and discomfort caused by scabies and lice infestation
  • Efficiently treat both scabies and lice infestation

Side Effects Of Bioscab Soap 75gm

  • Skin irritation or redness,
  • In rare cases, dizziness or headaches,
  • Dryness or rash

What If I Missed A Dose Of Bioscab Soap 75gm

Use medicine as you remember to take. If next dose is near than Skip the missed Dose. Do not double up for the missed Dose. If you miss dose frequently than consult your Doctor.

Health And Lifestyle

Keep your hygiene good. keep your living area clean to prevent re-infestation. Avoid physical contact with others until the course is complete. Wash your clothes, towels, and bed sheets regularly.

Drug Interaction

  • Bupropion,
  • Dalfampridine,
  • Hydroxychloroquine


  • Alcohol

Disease Explanation

Scabies- a condition of the skin caused by tiny mites that penetrate the skin, causing intense itching and rash. The infection spreads through close physical contact and sharing personal items. Lice are small Insects that damage hair and scalp causing itching and discomfort.

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